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Nia’s Testimony

I grew up attending church with my parents.  Though it was a church filled with love, it wasn’t evangelical, so I never knew the concept of personal salvation.  My knowledge of Jesus was the baby in the manger, and the weak-looking bearded man on the posters carrying lamb.

Having an early childhood experience that was very traumatic, but outside of my control, I spent a majority of my formative years trying to be in control.  I became accomplished and driven, but at the same time:  unfulfilled.

In my older teen years, I began to cross paths with people who called themselves “born-again Christians.”  I enjoyed debating them and gloating over my intellectual superiority and self-reliant strength.  They talked of giving “lordship” of their lives to Jesus.  And although I was grateful that He was born at Christmas and died for the World at Easter, I didn’t see any advantage in serving him.  I confused His “meekness” with “weakness”…

until He introduced Himself to me.

My second semester as a freshman at Wake Forest University, I was in a room full of “born-again Christians” when Jesus showed me His power and brought me to my knees. He spoke a message of love to my heart that pierced like an arrow.  I no longer saw Him as the weak shepherd, but as a Romantic Warrior.  I prayed and asked Him into my heart.  The encounter was so impactful that people who saw me the next day said I looked different!

Over the past decades since that initial encounter, He has continually proven Himself to be Kind and Gentle, but also Just and All-powerful.  He has pursued me, matured me, corrected me, and transformed me…

especially in the area of money.

As a financial professional, God taught me that being trustworthy in my dealings with money would overflow into becoming trustworthy in every other area of my life.  I am a living witness that God uses money more than anything else to reveal and heal personal and marital struggles, and to lead His people into victorious living.  If He could do it for me, He can do it for anyone!