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Nia’s New Blog!

Since 2010, it has been my honor to author “Freedom from Financial Friction:  Insight and Inspiration to Make Money and Marriage a Winning Mix.” I want to extend a special note of gratitude to all of you who subscribed, read, and shared my articles:  thank you!

Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

My passion to see every couple in the Body of Christ experience marital financial unity grows stronger with each couple I meet, and with each passing year.  So I devoted the beginning of 2015 to redesigning my social media platform in order to reach more people and, more importantly, to encourage deeper engagement and interaction.  This led to my decision to completely un-publish my old blog “Freedom from Financial Friction”, and build an entirely new website containing a brand new blog.

For the remainder of March, I will re-publish some of the articles that were reader favorites.

Starting in April, the blog and other social media channels (LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and eventually Facebook) will all follow a specific monthly theme.  The format will be interactive, and the variety of channels will give me the privilege of touching many lives.

Let the Marital Financial Unity Revolution begin!

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