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Good-bye Clutter Finale: What to DO with the Project Clutter

If you have a creative mind and a wide array of interests, you’ve probably started many projects over the years. So what can you do with the clutter these projects have created? A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to join me in taking an honest inventory of projects that you’ve started but weren’t able […]

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Confessions of a serial project-starter

As I shared a few weeks ago, it’s fun to come up with new ideas, explore uncharted territory, and make improvements to my environment. But continuously starting projects without finishing them doesn’t ultimately add to my life. It just creates another source of clutter. As I began to take inventory, the list of open projects […]

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Cleaning House: Project Clutter

How many incomplete projects have accumulated in your home, office, and life? If you’re a creative- (and analytical) type like me, you probably have more projects than you can remember. Of course it’s fun to come up with new ideas, explore uncharted territory, and make improvements to your environment. But if you start projects without […]

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Good-bye, Email Clutter!

  I thought that the invention of email was supposed to simplify my life! But as I sat in front of my computer, I was overwhelmed by how many messages were lingering in my inbox.  Because for some reason, I hadn’t allowed myself to hit that one button that promised to set me free: <DELETE> […]

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Good-bye, Paper Clutter!

This week, I rolled up my sleeves, gathered the recycle bins, and started weeding through papers. At first, I was almost paralyzed with a sense of dread. I knew that a lot of what I would find would remind me of painful times. I also knew that I’d find things that I still felt attached […]

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Out with the Old…

“I’m standing in the woods, surrounded by weeds that are so thick, I can’t see beyond what’s right in front of me,” I recently told a friend. “When I look up, I see a beam of beautiful light, and sense that God is drawing me toward it.  But first, I must remove the weeds so […]

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